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HD 10

 Win 10



Test the new HDGUARD 10 for Windows 10!

The intelligent security software for Windows 10 is now available. Download the new version of HDGUARD for free for 30 days.

Download here!


Hard disk protection software for Windows™

HDGUARDs unique hard disk backup and recovery concept protects your PC against faults, loss of data, or manipulations. Your hard disk and software settings have been changed? Important data was deleted? Has your PC been infected by a virus, internet worm or any other kind of malware program? Has your operating system crashed and corrupted data stored on your hard disk?

HDGUARD is your tool for instant system recovery!

Forget about data backup and restoring it, as maintenance can be done so easily and automatically with HDGUARD. Using this unique recovery software means:

  • Simple installation (ready in 3 minutes)
  • Flexible (like only software can be) 
  • Low one-time charge and zero TCO!

More Details about HDGUARD ...



HDGUARD.remote - The Worldwide-Remote Control

The module HDGUARD.remote is the best supplement for all who want to monitor or control (Internet, City network or Corporate network) their HDGUARD PCs.



HDGUARD.master allows controlling all HDGUARD-PCs from your office - from one single PC!

More information about HDGUARD.master ...

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