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USB Protection - block USB flash drives

HDGUARD is a hard disk protection software containing USB access blocker. It allows for dynamically control USB access.

The USB blocker part of HDGUARD provides 3 protection modes to cut off abuse of USB ports effectively. Depending on the application area you can decide to use one of the following protective modes:

  • Write protection for USB memory sticks ("flash drives")
  • I/O blocker for USB memory sticks
  • USB Lock Out (completely disable any kind of USB devices).

Write protection for USB flash drives and memory sticks

Activate USB write protection to cut of copying of files to USB drive. With this protection mode each flash drive can be read as usual, so files can be taken from home to school or to work. The USB write protection integrated in HDGUARD that way perfectly fits the everyday scenario in schools.

Unwanted personal downloads at school or at work are cut of, whilst it is still possible to carry homework on USB drives. You reduce network-load and stop sharing MP3 and video files over the corporate or school network.


Blocking USB flash drives (works for MP3 players, too)

In I/O blocker mode you can lock all kinds of removable drives like USB flash drives or MP3 players, without disrupting normal USB devices like printer, scanner or card reader.

Nobody will bring malicious software (like viruses) into your Windows™ network again through protected USB drives.


Full USB Lock Out

Eject all USB devices even before Windows™ will notice them. Even exotic devices can be locked out effectively this way.

All protection methods described above are integrated in HDGUARD. They may be controlled dynamically during lessons and seminars with HDGUARD.master 3 by teachers and lecturers.

But HDGUARD is much more than that. Its unique hard disk protection makes hard disks unbreakable by user- or software-fault!

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