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Harddisk protection: Hardware or software?

Most schools use hardware protection for their hard disk security. Such hardware protects exactly the same way like HDGUARD does. The most significant difference between the two solutions is, that the protection software is not on the hard disk but on the BIOS of the PCI card.

It is often claimed that software is not secure enough. This assertion we absolutely can not understand. In the following we will describe how hardware and software differ respecting the fact that there is no big difference in security . Both solutions protect very reliably.


The goal for both protection solutions is 100% security for your PC. The experience shows that the software version works absolutely reliably. Provided, however, that the BIOS of the secured PC is protected too with a password. The hardware cards protect the BIOS autonomously, so there must no BIOS password be set. Whether with BIOS password or hardware, security for both versions is equally given.


Large PC networks are always on the move. It will add new PCs, old PCs get a new area or be replaced. The software for the PC is subject to even faster cycles. New software is constantly raised, or old software is updated. In this situation a hardware card is not flexible enough. Sooner or later, every hardware becomes old and will no longer fit into the PC. this results in recurrent costs and mounting expenses.
Regarding flexibility the software is most favourable. For example for the HDGUARD it means: inexpensive (sometimes free) updates to new versions of the software. This easy installation and configuration "without a screwdriver". Moreover, this solution offers a perfect integration into existing cloning scenarios. To reduce the rest costs, the software offers solutions course semiautomatic installation tools (called wizards). As long as there is no wizard,
incorporating a card into a PC, no hardware can keep up with a software.  


The software HDGUARD is priced significantly below any hardware solution on the market.
The hardware protection is not only cost-intensive but also combined with a lot of work. For the network use of both possibilities the acquisition for each client is necessary. Prices are listed for both, hardware and software, in suitably staggered pricelist.


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Bottom line

The pretended security benefit of hardware solutions are compensated by the easy use and the cost-effectivness of software solutions. Every administrator should consider the fact that security is not relative: Either you have got it or you haven't. Longtime experience* prooves that software solutions are secure. If you want to spend money on double BIOS Security it's up to you. 

*) Long-term experience based on 200.000 HDGUARD-installations worldwide.

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