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Keeping Windows and virus scanner up to date

Windows retrieves updates at least once a month. Most virus scanners load their updates daily. In order to keep your HDGUARD protected system on an actual patch level, HDGUARD offers you the ability to set up update periods.


The PC starts within such a period with deactivated hard drive protection. Normal users cannot log in and the system can load and install updates.


A sample configuration looks like this:

1st update period:

HDGUARD Update  Scheduler, first period

The PC starts ‒ either remote controlled by HDGUARD.master or BIOS controlled ‒ every morning at 07:30 am for 7½ Minutes into an update period. User "Admin" is logged in automatically and the screen is locked. In this period a virus scanner can update itself. When this update period ends, the PC reboots. The HDGUARD protection is active again and the PC is ready to be used.

2nd update period:

HDGUARD Update  Scheduler, second  period

Every Friday afternoon at 15:30 pm the PC starts in its weekly update period. All critical Windows Updates will be loaded and installed. A batch file is executed also. This batch file can contain any commands for execution. The Administrator "Admin" can log in and do further maintenance work. After 2 hours the PC shuts down.

3rd update period:

This item is not used in this example.

An additional update period is for compatibility with daytime savings time (DST). This will hold real time clock and Windows registry settings consistently.

Accounts for ALLOW-LOGIN and AUTO-LOGIN can be different. They are specified in the last tab.

HDGUARD Update  Scheduler, first  period

Exceptions from the HDGUARD protection:

It's also possible to install programs onto unprotected areas on your hard drive. With this method a virus scanner can save its updates permanently at every time, while Windows is HDGUARD protected the whole time. This type of installation is not compatible with all virus scanners.

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