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Peter Grove, Hallett Cove School, Australia

We have a large network of over 300 computers and 1500 students and staff with one full time and one part time computer support personnel. Simply keeping the network running was an incredible challenge! Being an R-12 school we had the added challenge of compromising between keeping simplicity for junior school students and security to restrict senior school students. 

Needing some solution to the problem of students constantly breaking workstations, I downloaded the trial version and did some testing. I was simply amazed! This product not only works but it works well! I had to have it on all the workstations and postponed any other purchases until we did. 

HDGUARD also allows us to relax our very restrictive security policies promising students better learning outcomes due to their ability to now 'play' with the operating system. Teaching scenarios once thought impossible to accommodate are now a reality. 

We now have the ability to concentrate on more progressive programs for Information Technology within the school. Try HDGUARD you won't be disappointed! 


John Heath, IT Consultant Griffith Systems Support Pty Limited

As a consultant who has implemented HDGUARD into both a Public Library and into a Government School, I am extremely impressed with the functionality and security of support offered by such a simple, yet powerful, software product. I am currently installing HDGUARD into several schools for evaluation and the assisting consultants have also been very impressed. 

The new HDGUARD.master, which we are about to evaluate, promises to be equally impressive and in my opinion will be the biggest thing to happen to school networks in the past ten years. The reduction in service requirements experienced on these HDGUARD PCs so far, indicate that maintenance budgets might be slashed by as much as 90% - hardware maintenance being the only remaining unknown. 

Congratulations on bringing such a valuable product to Australia and making it available to us at such a reasonable price! 


Michael Dann , Bicton Primary School, Australia 

HDGUARD and Ghost-imaging totally eliminates the need for technical support, other than for hardware failure. It even works as a diagnostics tool, since any problems on a computer must be hardware-related or user inexperience! 

I have used HDGUARD in 2 Primary Schools in Perth (Western Australia) and plan to extend the use to 8 others, 6 businesses and numerous home users over the coming months. 

Since using the program, we've done away with almost every software and configuration issue! It's fantastic! Time and money is now spent developing and supporting computing skills in the classrooms. Students and teachers have confidence in the reliability of the tools they are using. 

We have investigated hardware-based systems but found HDGUARD simple to rollout and update changes as technologies and needs develop. HDGUARD is vital software for every computer whether on a network or standalone!