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HDGUARD.remote – The worldwide remote control

The additional module HDGUARD.remote is the optimal supplement for all who want to save time and money by administering and controlling their PCs from afar.
HDGUARD.remote extends the functions of the HDGUARD.master over the internet or in-house LANS. PC-administrators from school-districts, companies, internet cafes or external technicians will be able to administer their PCs from a remote work station.

Efficient Use of HDGUARD.remote

HDGUARD.remote is saving you time and money and reduces downtimes of your daily working routine to a minimum.

  • Body maintaining school can administer all schools from one single workstation.
  • The system administrator of one school can control the PCs from his company and saves fuel costs.
  • One school has to maintain the PCs from their substation in another location.
  • One internet café has got to control the PCs in their substations or from abroad.

This list can be completed by many more examples.

With the HDGUARD  family you combine maximum hard disk security with minimum maintenance effort.

With HDGUARD.remote you see all networks at one sight!

Control and maintain your HDGUARD clients in real time – from any place and whenever you like!

HDGUARD.remote – Installation example

HDGUARD.remote is able to build-up a secured connection to remote HDGUARD clients in this way as if they were located in one local LAN!

HDGUARD.remote example
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The clients are connected via the HDGUARD.remote service with the internet or WAN. If there are several HDGUARD.master levels they use the HDGUARD.remote service in order to exchange their data.
This exchange will happen in real-time and transparent in order to provide the same view on the complete network to different users at remote locations.

The HDGUARD.remote Proxy will be installed on an internet- or WAN-overlapping server in order to transfer the data from the firewall secured LAN to the HDGUARD.remote.

This network can be extended by any desired amount of PCs and LANS.

HDGUARD - the ultimate PC-security fast and reliable
HDGUARD.master - control tool for your PCs in the LAN
HDGUARD.remote - extension to control the PCs via internet


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